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This is Thania or so people call her, but her REAL name, if there is such a thing, is Athanasia.

It means Immortal and represents her life so far! She have explored, lived, tasted and tried so many different things! Definitely not a daredevil or your next door girl either! She have fallen many times and stood up again! But this is called real life!

She have studied many subjects, that led her to where she is this exact moment: Sociology,  Acting, Performance, Ayurveda and Yoga.


Definitely  a dreamer, a storyteller, and an unstoppable thinker! She started practicing Yoga, because it wasn’t cool, in 1999 in Greece! And boy she loves doing things that are not COOL!

She have been working with body movement since she was a child. She was an athlete, a dancer and performer since she could stand on her two feet and she keeps on moving this body of hers, even when it cries for her to stop and it has cried a lot until she let herself listen deeply to the present breath and not to the past achievements or the future expectations. She has been teaching Yoga since 2011 and always tries to let her students write their own Yoga Mat Stories every time as she keeps on writing hers.

If you want to learn more...check my Little Cv below!


Little CV



  • 2003:Graduate in Sociology,Padeio University,Athens

  • 2007:Graduate in Classical Acting,Drama School Athens

  • 2008:Graduate in Physical Theatre,L.I.S.P.A. 

  • 2010: Qualified Yoga Bugs instructor

  • 2011:Qualified Quantum Yoga teacher with Lara Baumann,200hour Yoga Alliance

  • 2012:Qualified Yoga Bananas instructor with Vicky Oliver

  • 2012:Qualified Budokon Yoga 30hr instructor with Cameron Shayne

  • 2014:Qualified Ayurvedic Consultant with Ayurveda Pura

  • 2015:Qualified Yin Yoga 30hr Instructor with Norman Blair

  • 2017:Qualified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist with Spike Warwick

  • 2018:Qualified  Yoga  Nidra Teacher with Melanie Cooper and Jennie Wadsten

Yoga is said to bring happiness ,move with caution


I really enjoy Thania's classes. She is friendly, instructive and passionate about good practice of yoga.

She treats everyone in the class as individuals and gives options of poses for different levels while explain it all in detail.

In her classes I feel relaxed and after I feel happy and also like a have worked hard.

I would definitely recommend thania, and have done many times. I feel sad when I miss her class.

I'd been looking for a yoga class for a while before finding Thania. I find Thania's classes really have the right balance between being challenging and also relaxing. I also think that Thania integrates a spiritual awareness in to her teaching which is very important and this brings a sense of peace to her classes. Thania's classes always leave me feeling refreshed and invigorated. She is an excellent teacher and provides full explanations about postures and also gives adjustments to allow you to stretch your capabilities which I find very useful.

I went to Thania's classes when I was going through a difficult time and they were one of the things that held me together. They provided a calm sanctuary of nurturing breathing space from life. The rhythm and poses always left me feeling relieved and invigorated. I strongly recommend her gentle and empowering teaching style and her well thought out classes, only wish I didn't live so far away now! Thanks Thania!

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I started practising Yoga with Thania 1 year ago, attending her beginners course at Yoganesh Studio in London Bethnal Green and loved it!She is able to involve all her students since the very beginning , is calm, professional, passionate, very clear and you really feel that she takes a big care of every single person on her class. Her classes are always different from each other. I also really like that her practice is connected to Ayurveda.I wish I could attend her classes every day and I couldn't recommend her more either if you are new to Yoga or an experienced practicioner.

Thania classes are BY FAR the most profound ones I have experienced. The level in which she takes you through each stage is great. I really feel energized and relazed at the same time with each yoga session. A Massive thank you. Indeed Thania, you seem to knwo my what each individual body needs. What a treat! xx

Warmest thanks, peace and love xx

Thania is a fantastic yoga teacher, thriving with passion and mirroring and excellent knowledge of the subject. Every session is well prepared and different to the other, always containing new elements. Thania gives a clear agenda and outlook to the session's aim and I can truly say that she is one of the best teachers I enjoyed having in the last eight years of my yoga practice.

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