due to Covid-19 only Online Private & Group classes are available

Early Bird Online EveryBody Yoga (coming up)

(By Donation) Wednesdays 7.15-8am via Zoom, email me for details

This weekly Flow class is for EveryBody, especially for those who don’t see themselves represented in conventional Yoga spaces. We allow ourselves to move, breathe and be in an inclusive way, Body and Mind. All levels from all over the world are welcomed here.
This is a donation class, we give what we can so others who can’t don’t have to, we coexist together and we support everyone! 

Online Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Saturdays 10am at Yoga Creation via Zoom

This class is a sequence of postures, with elements fused and integrated from various traditions in Yoga. A fun, experimental and playful space is created to give students the opportunity to try out different ways of approaching every posture.

Private class

Weekdays & Weekends email me to book

Pick a time and space that works around your schedule and I can tailor the class according to your needs and expectations!

Prices start from £50 p/h


Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Saturdays 11.15am at Yoga Creation   

A vigorous and energetic yoga practice, linking breath with movement and regulating one of the 3 Ayurvedic Doshas every time. The variety of sequences will surprise you and give your day a wonderful boost! 

Beginners Yoga

Saturdays 10am at Yoga Creation

Each week we will learn breathing techniques and yoga postures, which form the foundation of all types of yoga. Regular attendance of the class will help to deepen your understanding of yoga, increase your flexibility and help to build strength and stamina.


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